Maunalua Bay a Graveyard? May I say NIMBY?

Writes Ian Lind, “A company is proposing to build artificial reefs in two locations on Oahu using human remains encased in balls of concrete.”

As it so happens, one of those locations is Maunalua Bay.  Hawaii Memorial Reefs is scheduled to present its proposal at tonight’s Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board meeting.

If you don’t want a graveyard off your balcony, I’d suggest you show up.  The meeting is being held at 7pm in the Hahaione Elementary School cafeteria.  I can’t guarantee your voice will be heard, but a visible sentiment can do much to deter further action.

Honestly, I’m still bewildered at this proposal — not just from the point of pure hubris on the part of Hawaii Memorial Reefs, but from a business perspective.  Would you want grandma buried in a concrete pill under the sea?  

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