Hawaii, Prepare for a Battery Shortage

Twice this week I’ve been affected by new IATA battery shipping restrictions.  First,  I was unable to buy a camera on Amazon; then I was unable to buy replacement batteries for another camera.  Beginning April 1, 2016 lithium batteries have been mostly prohibited from air shipment, except as accessories to a device or as hand-carry by passengers.

 It’s a problem for most of us, but clearly not for Amazon, which has probably been itching to limit the types of items that get shipped to Hawaii.  To be sure, lately Amazon has restricted more and more items from Hawaii shipment.  For instance, just yesterday I was unable to ship the dangerous — yet incredibly useful — Post-It flag.

 Clearly, when one reads the IATA guidelines, shippers are able to send cameras as part of a package.  Further, non-lithium batteries are still allowed air freight.  Still that doesn’t change that Amazon has blocked shipment of all cameras to Hawaii.  That really changes the economic landscape here.  Most certainly it affects product choice as well as product price, with the first going down as the second rises.  I think this may just be the tip of the iceberg for rapid price increases in the isles.


Update: I was able to find that elusive camera battery at Battery Bill’s.  The price was reasonable and the customer service was fantastic.  Check there first.  Other likely sources such as Radio Shack and various camera stores either didn’t have the battery or the price was astronomically high. 

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