Early Quail Hatches for a One Year Anniversary

Five of a new quail hatch hatched two days early, on Day 15, exactly one year since my first hatch.

Yes, that’s a bottle cap. Coturnix quail are amazingly small but they’ll grow quickly to full size within 2-3 months. Our friends with young kids are visiting so I started up a new hatch for them to see. The plan was to keep a small group, three to five of them, and sell the remainder. The buyer I found is interested in more quail, so I’m hoping to have enough so I can have some too.

Hawaii Kai Auntie

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Eight quail chicks find a new home

Mon Jun 28 , 2021
I’m going to miss these guys. They hatched a day and a half early, strong and ready to face the world. I had the privilege of keeping them for five days before selling them to a pre-hatch buyer. I know they are in good hands. I had hoped for more […]

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