Hurricane Douglas Curry: How to use green papayas

This past Saturday, July 25, 2020, we were expectantly preparing for Hurricane Douglas. My neighbor’s papapa tree had grown too tall, and I had promised her for some time that I’d cut it down for her. Saturday seemed like a good day.

Several of the papayas on the tree were salvageable for ripening, but many were too green. Mottainai, as they say here. I turned it into a curry dish by peeling the green papayas and cooking them as one would squash.

As timing would have it, my husband’s employer had scheduled a special event where employees were given bags of food in support of local businesses. I added the fresh kale from Ma’o Organic Farms and the shrimp from Ham Produce and Seafood; we had picked those up that morning from Windward Mall.

In a word, ONO! Every time I eat green papaya I’m reminded of how mild and creamy the green fruit can be when cooked like a vegetable.

Hawaii Kai Auntie

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