Rana Skillet Gnocchi Kit

You’re looking at tonight’s dinner, this week’s lunch and more. With the addition of vegetables, it was over three pounds of food for less than $10. This 23-ounce package gets our family’s stamp of approval for convenience and taste.

The Skillet Gnocchi Kit comes with two packets of butter sauce, gnocchi, and a HUGE bag of asiago cheese. The bag of asiago you see in the picture is what was left over after generously adding it to the dish. Total prep time, about five minutes, one pan.

Recently, we switched to frozen broccoli for convenience and to lower the waste from buying the usual fresh three pound bag that we ended up having to compost half of. As long as you don’t overcook, the texture is fine. The price is the same, about $2 a pound here in Hawaii. I added a pound of the broccoli and a handful of grape tomatoes.

As far as the overall dish, I’d describe the gnocchi as crispy butter balls mixed together with vegetables and asiago cheese. Awesome. Recommended.

Hawaii Kai Auntie

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