Our next Plant and seed exchange will take place on the first Tuesday of June, June 6.  It's held at Kaiser High School from 4-7 pm.  Bring a plant and take a plant.  If you don't have one to exchange, you can always bring us one the following month, or if you prefer to leave a donation, proceeds will go to Friends of Kaiser PTSA and be used for scholarships and fee assistance for students and teachers.

Once again it's time for the first Tuesday plant swap at Kaiser High School.  We'll be there from 4-7 at the farmers' market in the school parking lot.  As of this weekend, here are the plants it looks like we'll start with.



Tomatillo (green and/or purple)
Mini pear tomatoes (yellow and/or red)
Pink pomelo
Zinger hibiscus
Malabar Spinach


Dracaena (white/green and red/white)
Various succulents
Various airplants
Oyster plant
Bearded Iris (purple)
Kupukupu fern
Maidenhair fern


Thai basil
Surinam Cherry
Orange cosmos

This is a tentative list.  Some items such as mint and jalapeno are plentiful and we'll likely have them available throughout the event.  Others are more limited in quantity.  Bring your plant to and take another in exchange.  It's a true community sharing experience.



plantexandpetMahalo Everyone !

This month's plant exchange / plant swap was a resounding success thanks to you.  We were overwhelmed by the response, from those who drove from as far as Makaha, Wahiawa and Kahaluu just to participate, to those of you who volunteered to assist with set up and running the event.

Here's a picture of me pet-sitting a guinea pig.  She and I got to be good friends.  My new buddy burrowed down and fell asleep while her owners browsed the ever-growing farmer's market.

The next exchange will be May 2nd, the next first Tuesday of the month.  Hope to see everyone there!

Bring a plant, take a plant. It's an informal exchange for gardeners, landscapers and all plant lovers. Every first Tuesday, we host a plant exchange at the Kaiser High School farmer's market. This coming week we expect to start with:

Walking Iris, Cosmos, Rosemary, Mint, Kale, Jalapeno, Pandan, Lipstick Palm, Citrus, Longan, Staghorn Fern, Kupukupu Fern, Twisted Sister: a Mother-in-law's Tongue variety), Aloe, Dracaena (Song of India), Air Plant varieties, Oregano, Garlic Chive, Succulents, Oyster Plant, Zinger Hibiscus, Red Dragonfruit, Alocasia and more.

Any updates will be posted here at http://www.eastoahu96825.com/plants. List is, of course, subject to change based on what else is donated or exchanged. Come and see what's new.

Our next plant exchange takes place again on the first Tuesday of the month.

March 7, 2017 at Kaiser HS parking lot from 4-7pm

I expect we'll have the following items to begin with:

  • herbal hibiscus (for tea)
  • bush basil
  • dill
  • red geranium
  • dracaena
  • asparagus fern
  • yellow walking iris
  • alocasia
  • mother in law's tongue
  • dragonfruit cuttings for planting
  • mint
  • areca palm
  • oregano
  • garlic chive
  • kupukupu fern
  • pandan
  • pele's hair (spanish moss)
  • agave
  • yomogi (mugwort)
  • papaya
  • a wide variety of ornamental succulents

List is subject to change and most items are of limited quantity.  Come, bring your exchange and enjoy the sharing economy.

It's first Tuesday again and we'll be at the Kaiser High School farmer's market.  Last year, we exchanged dozens of plants and also received donations for the school.  Let's do it again in 2017.  On February 7, we'll have the following plants to start off with, along with whatever you're bringing in for exchange.  There's no fee: it's a community service and barter event.  If you don't have one to give, you're still welcome to take a plant and leave a voluntary donation of your choosing.

  • Pele's hair (airplant, AKA Spanish Moss)
  • Oregano, herb
  • Asparagus Fern, decorative
  • Jalapeno pepper, culinary
  • Habanero pepper, culinary
  • Walking Iris (orange), decorative
  • Mint, herb
  • Garlic chive, herb
  • Asparagus, culinary
  • Pandan, culinary
  • Ti leaf, decorative
  • Song of India, decorative
  • Alocasia, decorative
  • Kupukupu fern, decorative
  • Whole Noni fruit, culinary (use seed for planting)

The farmer's market runs from 4-7pm