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    We tried it two months ago and liked it enough to buy it again.  Granted, our family found it strange that we were using Downy's In-Wash Scent Booster to boost our specifically-designated "no perfumes" laundry detergent.  Truth is, aside from the fact that sometimes the kids clothes require a little extra TLC -- when are they getting air conditioning in our public schools, anyway -- we've found uses other than the suggested one.

    The suggested method is: "Shake a little or a lot into the cap.  Toss into the washer at the beginning of the wash. . .Downy Unstopables go directly into the washer to give a fresh scent boost." 

    Here are two additional uses that merit mention:

    1. A couple of pea-sized pellets in the disposal for a fresher smelling kitchen sink
    2. A tablespoon or so of pellets mixed with two cups of hot water for a homemade version of air freshener or neutralizer.

    Throwing a few pearls into the disposal is fairly self-explanatory.  Personally, I like to partially melt them in a full sink before turning on the disposal and sending them down the plumbing.  They do sud up just a tad, so I'm hoping they're also cleaning the inside of the pipes.

    Turning your Unstopables into an air neutralizer is really cost-effective.  Procter and Gamble is also the maker of the leading odor neutralizer, so it's no surprise that the product is similar.  It's just a lot cheaper to buy Unstopables, melt them and put them in a spray bottle.  I find that Unstopables' odor neutralizing effect is better than ready-made products.  It doesn't smell like much, but when you're done spraying, the offending scents are gone.

    I'm quite sure there are additional uses for this product.  For those into sachets or potpourri, I bet these would go well with them.  They're also quite pretty.  The fresh scent version is a lovely aqua color, and I believe the Hawaii Kai Costco also carries the pink "Shimmer" version.  If you're concerned with color, there are a total of six fragrance/color combinations available, but not all of them are available at Costco.

    Because they are so attractive, a word of caution here.  Please be sure to keep them out of reach of children and pets.  There have been too many reported incidents where children mistook laundry products for candy.

    Until August 31, 2016. Downy Unstopables are $3 off at Costco.

  • Warehouse clubs offer great bargains, but only if you can take advantage of the quantity.  This article highlights the preservation of peeled garlic.

    You've seen the bag of garlic at Costco and Sam's Club.  It's fresh, it's peeled, and it comes in a whopping three pound bag.  Most of us can't use it fresh all at once, but if you prepare it in a food processor, add some salt and oil and freeze it, it will keep for six months or more and be more flavorful and useful than fresh.

    First, wash the garlic in a colander.  Pat dry.  Then, place half of it in a large food processor and add a few tablespoons of oil and a teaspoon of salt.  Pulse to desired size.  Scoop the contents into a gallon Ziploc bag.  Repeat with the second half of of garlic.  Place in the same Ziploc.

    Put the contents in the freezer and check on it in 3-4 hours.  Gently break up frozen chunks and place back in the freezer.  Repeat one more time.  The mixture will keep for at least six months.  Your frozen garlic can be used as you would use fresh garlic with the added benefit that it doesn't burn as easily when stir frying. Personally, I think the flavor is better than fresh because of the addition of salt and oil  and because the chopping action releases more intense flavor.