• I'm going to call my first attempt at livestreaming a flop:  A disaster:  A good idea whose time has not yet come.

    Livestreaming has been in the news quite a bit lately, from the House Democrats' sit-in to the Minnesota police shooting of Philando Castile.  In the first example, on June 22, 2016, House of Representative Democrats staged a sit-in to force a vote on gun control.  CSPAN would normally have broadcast it, but  -- CSPAN directives are given by House staffers: that is, the controlling Republican majority.  They ordered the cameras turned off.  Democrats responded by livestreaming video through Periscope while posting updates through Facebook.  In the second example, Philando Castile, an unarmed black man, was shot dead at a traffic stop.  His girlfriend had the livestream video running the whole time, from the confrontation to his death.  The video added additional evidence to U.S. outrage over black deaths at the hands of law enforcement and sparked yet more protests and calls for action.

    My own experience pales in comparison.

    First, I thought I'd shoot the opening before the start of the ESSA Town Hall meeting at Kalani.  That left me walking with the phone in front of me, talking to myself.  I grabbed a quick glimpse of a what was still a nearly empty school cafeteria.  Then, I moved to a corner of the courtyard to continue to talk to myself.  No one.  No one joined the stream. . .then one. . .he/she said "Hi."  This was my highlight.  I was about to reply.  Then the phone rang.  It was my husband.  I purposely hung up on him, not knowing if this was being caught live. He called again.  I answered. "Yes." He said, "I'm at Costco.  Need anything?"  To this day, I have not yet reviewed what was captured on the livestream.  I guess the world can know we have stocked up on milk.

    Next, on to the live notetaking during the meeting.  I would call that a measured success.  I rigged up a clipboard with a makeshift phone holder, connected a bluetooth keyboard and typed as the meeting went on.  I'd say they're among the better notes I've taken and best of all, they're done and posted all in one step.  You can review the first draft at EastOahu96825.com/gpublic, where I keep all of the Google Drive public documents related to this site.  The [direct link] is here.  I'll use those notes to write a short review of the meeting soon.

    I had promised a follow-up livestream through Periscope, but alas, I had problems connecting at the coffee shop my friend and I stopped at.  Truthfully, I was pretty much done with the humbling experience of livestreaming, at least for now.

  • The Hawaii Kai Goodwill donation shack has been removed from the Park and Ride near the Dog Park.  I spoke to Goodwill, and there is no intent to bring it back.  It was communicated to Goodwill that the Hawaii Kai community took issue with it, so it is permanently closed.


    I've updated the Recycling page.



  • Thank you to everyone who participated in August's plant exchange.  The exchange received a wide variety of new plants and cuttings.  I was particularly touched by those of you thoughtful enough to start new cuttings and seedlings for us -- just for the sake of community.  

    Over the next week, this site will be spiffed up to include a database of plants that have come through the exchange.  Many will be in stock for September as well.  If you see one you like, pop me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and if it's still available I'll do my best to have it brought over.

    eo cuban oregano variegated

    Here's a picture of a cuban oregano plant with variegated leaves that was exchanged this month.  It's both beautiful and fragrant.

    The next plant exchange is once again, the first Tuesday of the month from 4-7 pm at Kaiser High School.  We'll be there on September 6.  Hope to see you there.  Remember, it's a casual exchange.  Bring something, take something, or just leave a donation to the Kaiser High School community.  Everyone benefits.

  • Henry J. Kaiser High School continues to work on its website.  Meanwhile, users are asked to use 


    for the latest information.

  • Every time I drive by the new 7000 Hawaii Kai Drive building at the corner of Keahole Street and Hawaii Kai Drive, I'm struck by how large it appears.  Today, my curiosity got the better of me.  I looked up the largest residential complexes in Hawaii Kai to find out where the new building places in terms of housing units.  Here's what I found:


    Year Completed
    Condominium or Apartment Name TMK # Address Units
    2 1974 MAUNA LUAN THE 139070004 511 HAHAIONE ST 433
    3 1999 LALEA AT HAWAII KAI 139008042 7080 - 7200 HAWAII KAI D 293
    4 2016 7000 HAWAII KAI DRIVE – NEW 139008043 7000 HAWAII KAI DR 269
    5 1973 ESPLANADE THE 139008009 500 LUNALILO HOME RD 250
    6 1969 KUAPA ISLE 139008001 156 OPIHIKAO WAY 234
    7 1993 KALELE KAI 139008030 ONE KEAHOLE PL 219
    8 1973 PLAZA HAWAII KAI THE 139070001 6770 HAWAII KAI DR 146
    9 1973 HERITAGE HOUSE HAWAII-KAI 139008001 6710 HAWAII KAI DR 135
    10 1972 MT TERRACE 139035013 250 KAWAIHAE ST 126

     The new building isn't included in the DCCA listing: it is 100 percent rental unit and not a condominium.  However, relative to the other complexes in Hawaii Kai, it places fourth with 269 units of its own reporting.  In addition to being surprised by its size, I was also surprised at how nearly all of the other large complexes are over 20 years old.  Many are even older than 40 years old.

  • Now that it has been confirmed that a bakery worker at Hawaii Kai Costco has Hepatitis A, you may be wondering what to do.

    KHON reports that [Costco] "members who purchased baked goods prepared or packaged in the bakery between June 16-20 are being contacted by Costco."

    KHON goes on to stress that the likelihood of infection is very low.

    “This is purely as a precaution. We’re not saying, Costco — just like with the other businesses — Costco is not the source of the hepatitis A outbreak. There is no evidence at this point that any of the products sold on the dates in question were ever contaminated,” said Dr. Sarah Park, state epidemiologist. “The risk is likely very low, because Costco does have a very strict policy about no bare hands on ready-to-eat products, and the person we talked to, the person used gloves and washed hands appropriately.”

    However, given that the department confirmed 93 cases of hepatitis A in the State as of Tuesday, July 26, one might want to look into getting vaccinated.  A list of participating pharmacies is available on the Hawaii Department of Health website [pdf].

    Here in the Hawaii Kai area, your options include -- ironically -- Costco, Longs Drugs (multiple locations) and Walgreens.  A little further out, Times Kahala also offers vaccinations.  Call the pharmacies directly to inquire about insurance and other details.  According to the list, all of the pharmacies are walk-in.

  • The product tagline really should read:eo sunreaders costco package

    Sunreaders: Sun protection with reading glasses


    I probably shouldn't have taken that "shortcut" through the mystery product aisles at Costco.  You know those aisles, the ones that change regularly and where seasonal products are kept.  I stopped to look at reading glasses; we never seem to have enough when playing board games.  I picked up the card containing two pairs of Sunreaders.  "Hmm," I wondered to myself.  "These might be good outside.  Maybe they'd even cut the glare when reading my phone in the sun."

    I bought the set of two tinted glasses: one with a classic gray tint, the other with amber.  I gave the gray pair to my husband and kept the amber, a tint I'm partial to.  As it would turn out, I bought them on the eve of Tropical Storm Darby.  It would be another two days before I could properly say I'd tested them out in the sun.

    These particular "readers" got terrible reviews on the Costco site.  The real issue, to me, isn't that they're a terrible product.  Rather, their primary purpose isn't magnification.  Fact is, they make terrific sunglasses with the small bonus of a magnifier. At $16.99 for two pairs of sunglasses with 100% UVA/UVB protection and anti-reflective coating, they're a good deal.  Problem is, if you bought them for reading, they're not what you were looking for. 

    eo sunreaders lensThe magnifier on these glasses is a small section of each lens, roughly the size of a nickel.  It's so discreet that with the tint I didn't know it was bifocal-style until I unwrapped it.  Personally, I can't see through the magnifier unless I adjust the glasses manually.  My husband -- whose head is slightly bigger than mine -- says he can see through it by looking down.  Clearly, if you were hoping for readers, by now you're already disappointed.

    However, as sunglasses go, I like them.  I took them on a drive around the Windward side and the tint is just right: not too dark and not too light.  Because the reader portion is so small, I hardly noticed it as I drove.  Just a FYI: Most sunglasses don't fit my head.  This one was no exception.  However, the product comes with nosepads, a must for me.  Once I attached a Croakie, it was as good a fit as I'll ever get. 

    The quality is good: solid and sturdy.  These are a product of DesignOptics, a Foster Grant division.  My take on them: buy them if you need sunglasses and have an occasional need for far-sighted reading in the sun.  Don't buy them if what you really need is reading glasses.

  • This is the second time this year I've mentioned to a friend that Oceanic Cable / Time Warner has a service desk at Koko Marina Center.  I thought perhaps it also merited a mention here on the blog.

    The desk will accept payments, exchange set boxes and set up service calls.  It is located in the lobby of the same building as Bank of Hawaii, right across from Zippys.


    From the Koko Marina website, hours are 8:30-5pm, except Wednesdays when it is open until 6pm.  They take a lunch break from 1-2pm.

  • The Dick Evans Memorial Bicycle Race begins at 5:45 am on August 21, 2016 at Kalama Valley Shopping Center.  It travels through East Oahu along Kalanianaole Highway.  The route ends 112 miles later in Makapuu. [flyer] [Facebook page] [map]

    dick evans bicycle race map 2016

  • Quick, name four things open 24/7 East of Kahala.

    Were you able to come up with:

    Hawaii Kai at Night

    1. Safeway
    2. Longs Drugs
    3. Seven Eleven 
    4. Jack in the Box

    I was only able to name the first two until I did some research.  Seven Eleven has two locations, Hahaione (Hawaii Kai), and Niu Valley.  The Niu Valley Jack in the Box near Seven Eleven is also open 24 hours.  Perhaps it's the new Zippys, which in Hawaii Kai, is only open until 11 pm.

    From a cursory review, here are the other stores I found that are open past 10 pm.



    Foodland Farms (Grocery), Aina Haina  daily to 11pm
    Walgreens, Koko Marina midnight
    Consolidated Theatres, Koko Marina last showing around 10:30 pm
    Ross Dress For Less, Hawaii Kai Towne Center 10:30pm, Fri & Sat to 11pm
    Bubbies Ice Cream, Koko Marina 11pm, Fri & Sat to midnight
    Zippys, Koko Marina fast food to 11pm, dine in Fri & Sat 11pm
    Starbucks. Koko Marina 10:30pm, Fri & Sat to 11pm
    Starbucks, Aina Haina daily to 10:30pm
    Burger King, Hawaii Kai Towne Center midnight
    Yogurtland, Hawaii Kai Towne Center Fri & Sat to 11pm
    McDonalds, Hawaii Kai Shopping Center 11pm, Fri & Sat to midnight*

    *check with McDonalds directly, their two door signs have different hours, and their website has something else entirely.

    Note that the Starbucks all have different hours.  The one at the Hawaii Kai Towne Center closes around dinnertime every day.


  • {jcomments off}

    Pile of Amazon Gift Cards

    I just returned from Safeway.  Once again, they're out of the variable value Amazon gift cards, so I had to hand enter a series of smaller denominations.

    Here in Hawaii Kai, where we have both a Chevron gas station (Koko Marina) and a Safeway (Hawaii Kai Shopping Center) -- not to mention a Costco that doesn't sell gasoline -- buying gift cards at Safeway is an easy way to save up to 20 cents a gallon on fuel.

    Pretty clearly, given the amount of times I couldn't find the right card or amount, it's not much of a secret.  All you have to do is buy your gift cards at Safeway and use your Safeway Club Card when checking out; you'll be given a discount on your gasoline price at Chevron. The standard amount is a discount of ten cents a gallon per $50 spent on gift cards.  

    There is a maximum of 20 cents a gallon per gas station purchase, but your credits accumulate so you can use them on your next visit.  They do expire two calendar months after being earned.  

    In addition to buying gift cards, you can also earn credits with your grocery purchase; it takes $100 in regular grocery purchases to earn a ten cent gas credit.

    Gift cards are more convenient, however.  You also earn credits faster.  There are number of cards that fall into the category of purchases one makes on a routine basis, for instance, Amazon gift cards.  Safeway Hawaii Kai also carries Petco, Lowes, Home Depot, McDonalds, Burger King and Bed, Bath and Beyond, just to name a few of the stores one might visit regardless.


    Note:  Just got a comment/observation from a reader.  Tesoro is usually at least ten cents cheaper than Chevron to begin with.  That's true.  Aloha Petroleum can also be cheaper to begin with.  Here's a link to http://gasbuddy.com, a site that tracks prices reported by readers.

  • July 15, 2016 In addition to earlier announcements decoupling teacher performance from student scores, Hawai‘i’s public education accountability system, the Strive HI Performance System, will not include Index Scores or Classifications. [Hawaii Dept. of Education]

    July 15, 2016 The Hawaii Dept. of Education has updated its heat abatement program (Air Conditioning, etc. . .) list. From East Oahu, Kamiloiki and Niu Valley Middle are listed East Oahu under the "Solar Ventilator" section.  Wilson, Kahala and Kaimuki Middle are listed as "100% AC in Classrooms." Kaimuki High is listed as "Solar Light."  [Hawaii Dept. of Education]

    July 14, 2016 The city’s Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services Division and Honolulu Fire Department are telling people not to jump off the cliff at Spitting Caves, especially after two people had to be rescued last weekend. [KHON]

    July 11, 2016 Residents call for intervention after multiple rescues at Portlock's Spitting Caves. [HNN]

    July 10, 2016 A 14-year-old girl is in serious but stable condition after falling about 40 feet at the Spitting Caves in Hawaii Kai on Sunday.  Emergency Medical Services crew said the girl did not clear the jump and hit the side of the cliff. [HNN]

  • June 29, 2016 Body Found in Hawaii Kai Identified as Missing Man

    After two months, the body found in the Hawaii Kai Marina several days after John Cousino was reported missing has been identitied as his. [KHON]

    June 27, 2016 Thielen Candidacy Challenge Tossed

    A 1st Circuit Court of Hawaii judge ruled that state Sen. Laura Thielen properly filed her nomination papers for re-election this year.

    The court rejected a lawsuit from Fritz Rohlfing, chair of the Hawaii Republican Party, who argued that Thielen’s paperwork was incomplete and thus disqualified her.[Civil Beat]

    June 26, 2016 Teens Repeatedly Trespass Portlock Home while Posting Pics on Social Media

    Surveillance video captures a group of teens walking right up to the beach front home on Hanapepe Loop. You can see them checking the locks, climbing up the house and jumping into the pool -- and they keep coming back for more.

    The owners live out of town, but a family member watches over the place while they're away. He tells us thanks to social media, such as Instagram and the Stolen Stuff Hawaii group on Facebook, they were able to track down the teens. [KITV]

    June 24, 2016 Girl Seriously Injured at Makapuu Tidepools [Star Advertiser]

    June 24, 2016 Hawaii Kai, home to one of Oahu's dog parks, again highlighted as pet-friendly. ProService Hawaii workers at Hawaii Kai Town Center are featured in this piece on Take Your Pet to Work Day. [KHON]

    June 18, 2016 Released by the US Census, Public Education Finances, 2014.  

    Hawaii, along with Washington DC remain the only debt-less States among the 51 (including Washington DC).  The report provides detailed state level analysis on the fiscal condition of public schools across America. [US Census]

  • June 22, 2016 Homeless encampments growing in Hawaii Kai

    "It went from like 3 people to 40 people"

    The [Hawaii Kai Marina Community Association]'s tactic of clearing [land on the marina behind the dog park] worked, as the population dispersed, but only temporarily.  Now, just feet away is a complex of elaborate dwellings on city owned land. . .[Director of Facilities Maintenance] Ross Sassamura says the city has removed property from the site.  While clearing out the brush is an option, Sassamura says there are currently no plans to do so.  He also notes that any action taken by the City has to be in response to a complaint. [Hawaii News Now]

    June 22, 2016 Kaiser HS announces new temporary website: http://www.kaiserhighschoolhawaii.org/

    June 22, 2016 Kaiser HS announces new varsity football coach, Arnold Martinez

    June 22, 2016 Kaiser HS one of just 15 schools represented at the national Junior Achievement conference in Washington DC. JA team 8finity is a team from the 2015-2016 fall semester that sold the phone powered mini fans. 

    June 20, 2016 Kaiser HS 2015 valedictorian dies while hiking Manoa Falls

    A hiking accident at one of Oahu's most popular trails has claimed the life of Kaiser High School's 2015 top valedictorian.  19-year-old Kristi Takanishi died Friday, two days after the tragic fall at Manoa Falls. [Hawaii News Now]

    June 20, 2016 Photo slideshow: Koko Head Shooting Complex hosts 23rd annual Shooting Sports Fair.   [Civil Beat]

    June 19, 2016 KHON features video on 43rd annual Hawaii Kai Lions' Father's Day pancake breakfast. [KHON]

    June 17, 2016 A veteran firefighter has died following a rough water training accident off Diamond Head.  The Honolulu Fire Department says 63-year-old Clifford Rigsbee died on June 16th. 

    June 17, 2016 New Avalon apartment complex at 7000 Hawaii Kai Drive holds open house.  

    Hawaii News Now provides an inside look at the apartments in its photo slideshow. [Hawaii News Now]





    Traffic Alert for East Oahu and Hawaii Kai, July 24, 2016

    Race begins at 5:45 am in Waikiki.


    OCEAN SWIM – 750 Meters Start at Queen’s Beach pier, swim east around the large buoy and head west to a buoy in the front of the swim finish transition area.

    BIKE COURSE – 40 Kilometers Bike course will start from the transition area in Kapiolani Park. Cyclist will head out onto Kalakaua Ave. and ride up Diamond Head Rd. and Kahala Ave. Turn left on Kealaolu St., go right and merge onto Kalanianaole Hwy. eastbound till Lunalilo Home Rd. Make left turn, stay on Lunalilo Home Rd till cyclist makes a right turn onto Hawaii Kai Dr. At the corner of Hawaii Kai Dr. and Kealahou St, cyclist will make a u-turn and head back. Turn left at corner of Hawaii Kai Dr and Lunalilo Home Rd., turn right on Wailua, turn left onto Keahole St, then turn right to merge onto Kalanianaole Hwy west bound. Take right exit at Kilauea Ave. exit ramp, turn left onto Kilauea Ave.. Turn left on Elepaio, turn right on Kahala Ave., ride up Diamond Head Rd., and turn left on Kalakaua Ave. back to the transition area at Kapiolani Park.

    RUN COURSE – 10 Kilometers Start at Run Exit west/ocean end of transition area. Head toward Kapahulu Ave. (Honolulu Zoo), turn right on Paki. Cross street at corner of Paki and Monsarrat Ave. and run up Monsarrat Ave and turn left on 18th Ave. Turn right on Kilauea Ave., turn right on Elepaio St., turn right on Kahala Ave., head up Diamond Head Rd., turn left onto Kalakaua Ave. toward the transition area and Finish Line.

    WEBSITE: http://www.tinmanhawaii.com/

  • Friends of Kaiser High School PTSA runs a farmer's market every Tuesday from 4-7pm in the school parking lot.  It has piping hot food from Olay's Thai food and true farmer's stand run by Kay and filled with in-season fruits and vegetables. Recently, the market added a local rice producer who imports high-quality grain from Hokkaido and processes it here on Oahu less than 24 hours before sale.

    In addition to the market's regular customers, I'd like to see more of you so we can get the momentum this market truly deserves.  On July 5, I'm bringing my plants to exchange them with you.  You bring yours, take one of mine or someone else's.  Don't have any plants to give?  Bring empty pots so they can be refilled for the next event.  Don't have those either?  Just take a plant and leave a voluntary donation to Kaiser's PTSA.  It's that easy.

    To start with, I know I can provide:

    I don't really have a green thumb, but I know these grow in Hawaii, and I know they grow well in my Hawaii Kai backyard.  In order, they are: Cholesterol spinach (edible), Creeping thyme (edible), Kupukupu fern (decorative), Mint (edible), Watermelon radish [seeds only] (edible) and Yomogi, aka mugwort (edible).

    I'll probably have another half dozen or so different plants to offer, so come by and check out the booth.  If it goes well, we'll do it again the first Tuesday of the next month too.  Questions?  Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



  • I just finished shopping at Costco and was pleased to see this display:

    Costco Pizza Preorder

    On the mainland, it was common practice to order food from the food court while checking out at the register.  Looks like the practice -- at least for whole pizza -- has finally reached Hawaii Kai. Notably, because there is a side window for pizza pickup, it means you won't have to wait in line outside again just to place the order.

    A couple of other tidbits I learned by eavesdropping these past few days:

    • Costco offers rainchecks on regularly stocked items that have run out.  This can be useful if you're using the coupon book and stock is out.
    • You can still get sauerkraut for your hot dog at the counter.  Just ask.  (The guy in front of me asked for the "white stuff in the container" and looked a bit baffled when the cashier asked if it was sauerkraut.  It was.)
  • We were at Koko Marina next to Zippys just peering in at around 10 am when an employee poked her head through the door and offered us a menu.  For that alone, Sophie's Gourmet Hawaiian Pizzeria can give itself a plus one.

     Sophie's Gourmet Hawaiian Pizza 12

    We came back later that day, around 11:30 am and found the restaurant surprisingly empty.  We had expected a large crowd of the curious, you know -- those kama'aina that give the new restaurant on the block a try early on.  It was a good thing we got there early because the wide variety of unique ingredients had us slowly mulling our many choices.  Unlike your usual pizza restaurants, Sophie's has much more than pepperoni and olives.  While you can still get those mainstays, Sophie's also offers Bulgogi, Char Siu, Thai Curry Chicken and much more.  Like cilantro?  Sophie's has it.  Don't like it?  Well, the good news is that it's your pizza.  Each selection is a 12" pizza meant for one to two people, and so priced.  A three topping pizza is $10.95 and a five topping pizza is $12.95.  The chef selections with a wide variety of complementary garnishes are also $12,95.

    After ordering, we waited around five minutes as our pizzas cooked.  Just about the same time, the restaurant started filling up.

    A word of warning, we have picky pizza eaters in our household.  A word of relief, everyone in our lunch party loved their choice.  The traditional pizza eaters liked their pepperoni and sausage combos. The gourmet eaters loved their picks, replete with char siu, curry chicken, jalapeno, macadamia cream sauce, just to name a few.

    When we were partway through our meal, one of the owners, John, stopped by to ask how we liked our meal.  He seemed delighted to be the new entrepreneur on the block and also seemed delighted that he -- a Hawaii Kai resident -- had nearly no commute to his new venture.  He also asked how we liked our curry chicken.  The two of us who had chosen it as a topping agreed that it was very tasty.  John then proceeded to proudly tell us how he prepares it a day in advance to allow the marinade to soak through.  Admittedly, the curry chicken was very good -- it probably could have been a gourmet dish by itself.

    I would unreservedly recommend this new restaurant to anyone.  I have only two constructive suggestions to make -- all in the name of selfishness, as I would be thrilled to see this locally owned venture thrive and continue to expand.  

    1.  Continue to be generous with with your portions and toppings.  Sophie's main competitor is Pieology, a mainland chain-restaurant with an Aina Haina location.  While it bears mentioning that Pieology's pizzas are quite a bit smaller than Sophie's (10.5 inches versus 12 inches) and rather ordinary, Pieology advertises it's all the toppings you choose.  Sophie's, on the other hand, has topping limits but in our visit was generous with portions.  I hope Sophie's recognizes the value in continuing the practice.

    2.  Sophie's really needs to change their drink policy to include refills.  Koko Marina has a mixed customer base, including mainland visitors.  It is common practice to provide refills for soda machine purchases.  The cost of limiting refills over what is probably just a couple dimes of soda isn't worth losing a customer or getting a poor review from one.  If you need to charge a bit more for soda so that you can include refills, do that instead.

    Finally, my plea to neighbors: With a location just a few doors from the already successful Moena Cafe, I predict that Sophie's will also succeed.  However, just to be sure, I'm asking all Hawaii Kai residents to give it a try at least once  It's a high quality meal at a price reasonable enough to have a few times each month.  Seating is available, either indoors in air conditioning, or outside overlooking the marina and boats.  It's not your ordinary pizza; it's more of a gourmet dining experience at a pizza price.

  • June 9, 2016 Downed power line cuts electricity from Kaimuki through Aina Haina during evening rush hour. [KHON]

    June 6, 2016 Duc Ong, a physics teacher at Kaiser High in Hawaii Kai, is among the 24 teachers selected to attend Data Camp in Fermilab in Batavia, Illinois. Data Camp is designed to be an introductory workshop for both new and veteran teachers of physics and physical science to learn about particle physics and high energy physics. [UH Manoa]  

    June 5, 2016 Police arrest three after an armed fight at Sandy Beach. [Hawaii News Now]

    June 4, 2016 Niu Valley finally gets its playground [KHON2 Video on YouTube]

    June 4, 2016 Hiker Airlifted from Makapuu Tidepools [Star-Advertiser]

    June 3, 2016 Hawea heiau and Keawawa wetland are targets of attempted theft [Hawaii News Now]

    June 2, 2016 When Hawaii Kai resident Hunter Long drops in at the X-Games in Austin this weekend, she won't only become the first female skateboarder from Hawaii to ever do so, she will be the contest's first skater from Hawaii, period. [Hawaii News Now

    May 31, 2016 Hawaii-based hamburger chain Teddy’s Bigger Burgers will part with its 1950s-inspired diner design and switch its name to Teddy’s Steak Burgers, owners confirmed with PBN this week. [PBN]

    The chefs from Kale's Deli, formerly at Hawaii Kai Shopping Center, are now cooking for Juicy Brew in Hale Pawaa (1401 S. Beretania) and Kaimuki (Waialae and 8th). The menu is mostly Vegan and they are highlighting local ingredients. [Facebook

  • From Honolulu.gov


    June 3, 2016 

    On May 16, 2016 a Permitted Interaction Group of the Honolulu Charter Commission recommended that the Charter Commission place on the general election ballot the following question: “Should the City increase citizen participation in the decision of government though the use of electronic communication, such as television, Internet, and email, and eliminate the Neighborhood Board System?’

    The Charter Commission will be considering this recommendation at their meeting on Thursday, June 9, 2016 at 3:30 p.m. View the agenda here: AGENDA

    If you had previously submitted testimony ahead of the May 26 Charter Commission meeting that was cancelled, your testimony was kept and will be provided to the Charter Commissioners for their consideration. You do not need to resubmit it.

    Testimony may be submitted online.  Testimony may also be emailed.  Please be sure to indicate you are testifying on agenda item four (IV).