Hawaii Kai Plant exchange May 8, 2018 4-6 at Kaiser HS parking lot

The rain affected the number of plants for May, but we do have a few indoor plants as well as beautiful popcorn orchid just beginning to bloom.  We've also added a few selections to the succulent collection, so please come and browse.  Bring a plant and take a plant.  It's a great way to expand your garden collection while helping others do the same.

(If you don't have plants to trade, don't worry.  Come browse and you can always leave a donation.  We give the money to Kaiser Hish School's PTSA.)

100 solid purple w

popcorn orchid w 



staghorn fern
kupukupu fern
african violets
popcorn orchid
purple leaf sweet potato
spider plant
oyster plant
kupukupu fern
kalanchoe (red)