Bring a plant, take a plant. It's an informal exchange for gardeners, landscapers and all plant lovers. Every first Tuesday, we host a plant exchange at the Kaiser High School farmer's market. This coming week we expect to start with:

Walking Iris, Cosmos, Rosemary, Mint, Kale, Jalapeno, Pandan, Lipstick Palm, Citrus, Longan, Staghorn Fern, Kupukupu Fern, Twisted Sister: a Mother-in-law's Tongue variety), Aloe, Dracaena (Song of India), Air Plant varieties, Oregano, Garlic Chive, Succulents, Oyster Plant, Zinger Hibiscus, Red Dragonfruit, Alocasia and more.

Any updates will be posted here at List is, of course, subject to change based on what else is donated or exchanged. Come and see what's new.