It's first Tuesday again and we'll be at the Kaiser High School farmer's market.  Last year, we exchanged dozens of plants and also received donations for the school.  Let's do it again in 2017.  On February 7, we'll have the following plants to start off with, along with whatever you're bringing in for exchange.  There's no fee: it's a community service and barter event.  If you don't have one to give, you're still welcome to take a plant and leave a voluntary donation of your choosing.

  • Pele's hair (airplant, AKA Spanish Moss)
  • Oregano, herb
  • Asparagus Fern, decorative
  • Jalapeno pepper, culinary
  • Habanero pepper, culinary
  • Walking Iris (orange), decorative
  • Mint, herb
  • Garlic chive, herb
  • Asparagus, culinary
  • Pandan, culinary
  • Ti leaf, decorative
  • Song of India, decorative
  • Alocasia, decorative
  • Kupukupu fern, decorative
  • Whole Noni fruit, culinary (use seed for planting)

The farmer's market runs from 4-7pm