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Sometimes, after a grueling day of parenting, I need a break.  Once the kids are off to sleep I engage in . . .data mining.  It's a weird hobby, but I usually leave with nuggets of information, some of them gems.  Today's adventure took me to the Census Bureau's Interactive Population Search.  First, I selected household, then typed in the Hawaii Kai zip code 96825.  On the left hand side, I then clicked Census Tract and zoomed in.  Here's what displayed:

Portlock Census Statistics

I've often wondered how many Portlock homes were not only unoccupied, but also not either for rent or sale.  As it turns out, more than 15 percent of Portlock housing is  for occasional use, or simply unoccupied for reasons other than waiting for a tenant or sale.  In comparison, the Oahu (county level) percentage is much lower, at 7.1 percent.