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It is difficult to craft bills.  It is even more difficult to craft bills that have more than just a scolding effect.  On this, you can ask Kailua residents that -- tired of vacation rentals in their backyard -- have attempted to get enforcement of local code.  That's why when I heard that Mayor Caldwell signed into law a bill intended to reduce lean-to housing and chattel in the front yard (think rusted car on cinder blocks), I was skeptical.

I skimmed the bill (attached in PDF below) for important details.  Note that in reading these amendments to current law, items in brackets are repealed and underscored items are added.  I found what I was looking for.  On page 18, Section 10(d)(4), the code is amended to include the following passage:

JUDICIAL ENFORCEMENT "Any person aggrieved by a private nuisance may bring a civil action for damages or for injunctive relief to enjoin such private nuisance.”
Download this file (Hoarder Chattel BILL052(14), CD2.PDF)Bill052(14) Honolulu City Amendment to Housing Code - Public Nuisance[Nickname: The Gensiro Kawamoto BIll - Bill052(14) Honolulu]735 kBUpdate this file (Hoarder Chattel BILL052(14), CD2.PDF) Delete this file (Hoarder Chattel BILL052(14), CD2.PDF)

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On December 20, 2014, Hawaii Kai Marina Community is putting on their 18th annual Festival of Lights.  The boat parade runs from 5:30 to 8:30 in the area between Koko Marina Shopping Center and the Hawaii Kai Towne Center and Hawaii Kai Shopping Center.

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