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Preliminary research doesn't suggest so. (click to enlarge)

This five-year (2010-2014) GIS map of pedestrian /  motor vehicle incidents was generated by the Hawaii Health Department's Injury Prevention System Branch and can be found under their self-named heading, crash map.

What this map doesn't tell us however, are the number of unreported incidents and near-misses that occurred.  I'm sure pedestrians attempting to cross Kalanianaole tell a different story.  Regardless of empirical evidence, let's all exercise a little more caution with one another.  One incidence dot is already one incidence dot too many.

This week I stopped to contemplate what type of information is truly newsworthy.  As it turns out, there are far more timely articles on East Oahu every week than I first surmised.  Some items, however, were less news and more voyeurism: where individual personal anguish was left out for public consumption with little community benefit or moral to be gleaned. Items fitting this description include a woman living in East Oahu held for credit card fraud, a fire caused by a faulty surge protector and a near drowning poolside.

 Collectively, if there were a spate of fraud crimes, if there was a shipment of faulty surge protectors, or if pool monitoring had somehow become lax in our society, an argument for public knowledge and vigilance could be made.  That, however, wasn't the impression I was left with in reading the articles.  Rather, these incidents seemed more isolated, and in some cases, simply unfortunate.

 What brought the issue of newsworthiness to my mind were recent accidents occurring along Kalanianaole Highway.  On Friday, June 19, a woman crossing the contraflow lane was killed by a driver distracted by an earlier accident on the same road.  For anyone leaving the house that morning to get to work, the traffic was without a doubt, newsworthy. 

 What is less newsworthy would be the residence of the distracted driver or her name.  The story would be just as useful without those pieces of information.  Likewise for the name and residence of the man who ran over the woman after she had been hit by the first driver.  To be honest, as much as I am curious about these details, they really aren't the essence of the story.  Really, important factors are:

 Traffic was seriously backed up on Friday morning.  The alternate route around Waimanalo might be faster for those East of Aina Haina.  Eastbound traffic was being turned around at the end of the H1 freeway until investigators had finished their work.

  • It is important for drivers to concentrate on the road in front of them, even when there may be distractions to the side of them.

 As for the jogger who was killed, a later article by the Star-Advertiser identified her as a community member and loving family woman. The printed eulogy put a face behind the story and gave it the humanity it needed to touch us personally.

 My point here, is really this: The internet is permanent.  Even deleted items can be retrieved.  As citizens we need to put ourselves in the shoes of each of the individuals being reported on.  The need for the public to know must always be balanced by a reasonable right to privacy.

Writing this post will serve as reminder about what is important and what is not.  It is a contract to me from me.  Moving forward, I hope to produce weekly reports akin to those from The Week, but for a local audience.  (The Week is a periodical that takes reported stories, condenses synthesizes them for the most relevant information.)

I read about NOAA's proposed changes to the The Hawaiian Islands National Marine Sanctuary three months ago.  I knew about the informational meeting held on April 28 in Niu Valley.  In fact, I posted it to the event calendar, as I always do when there is an event relevant to the East Oahu area.  So, imagine my amazement upon reading that Robin Jones, vice president of the Hawaii Kai Marina Association, which represents three Hawaii Kai shopping centers and about 2,000 commercial operators and residents, only heard about the planned designation last month.  Really?

Truth is, I skimmed through the proposal in March and found nothing extraordinary about it.  In short, there are four proposals currently on the table, one of them being status quo.  Only two proposals, albeit including the recommended one, directly impacts Maunalua Bay,  


Under proposals 3 and 4, the following area is added to the designation 

Again, it is important to note that this affects just two of the four scenarios put forth by NOAA.  The newly added Special Sanctuary Management Area (SSMA) would differ from the current designation only in a few ways.  Notably, none of the changes would adversely affect Maunalua Bay users other than those that might remove signage, introduce invasive species, or chase whales. Admittedly, the proposal could affect fireworks launched from the Bay, but as Civil Beat reports, Malia Chow, sanctuary superintendent for the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary said that if the regulations are adopted, NOAA may still allow fireworks.  Overall, NOAA's goal in issuing these proposals is more administrative than anything.  The primary purpose for proposals 2-4 is to streamline jurisdiction and remove overlapping authorities.

My take on Saturday's protesters is that they are well-meaning citizens spurred into action by Hawaii Kai Marina business owners with self-serving motives.  I personally think that NOAA's overall plan for proposal 3 is prudent and I will submit my comments accordingly.




Weekly Friday news summary (June 19, 2015) for East Oahu and Hawaii Kai.  News sources are available through various entities on the web.  Links are posted.

For full text of Star-Advertiser articles, access the database at the Hawaii State Library site and enter your library card number and PIN. 

$500,000 to buy ka iwi coastline forever; sounds like a bargain

That is what the Trust for Public Land (TPL) needs you to know.  TPL has begun a crowdfunding campaign to raise the last of the money needed to purchase the 182 acres mauka of Kalaniana‘ole Highway, between the Hawai‘i Kai Golf Course and Makapu‘u. A consortium of public interest entities has worked tirelessly to raise the bulk of funds needed to acquire the land in perpetuity. They've raised more than 3.5 million dollars; they need just $500,000 more by August 30, 2015 in order to make the purchase.

From the website:The same community that has been advocating for years for the Ka Iwi Coast’s protection as the Friends of Queens Beach, Save Sandy Beach, and Ka Iwi Coalition, now operates under the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Livable Hawai‘i Kai Hui. Livable Hawai‘i Kai Hui’s mission is to promote sensible growth and respect for the land by upholding the East O'ahu Sustainable Communities Plan, and protecting land through stewardship, acquisition, and community education. If the remaining $500,000 is raised by August 30, 2015, The Trust for Public Land will purchase the lands and transfer them to Livable Hawai‘i Kai Hui to care for.

Donations are tax-deductible.  Put in perspective, if just the residents of Hawaii Kai zip code 96825 gave $20,a piece, the hui would meet its goal and the land would be transferred to it.  For anyone anywhere who wants this land to remain pristine, it's time open that checkbook.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric administration (NOAA) receiving feedback on expansion of hawaiian island marine sanctuary 

In March 2015, NOAA announced its proposed rule for expanding the size and the focus of the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary to include multiple marine species. Public feedback continues to be collected through June 19, 2015 at this weblink.

Although town hall meetings had been held throughout this period, public reaction remained muted until just recently.  On Saturday June 13, "A cadre of recreational ocean users and water-sport business owners demonstrated Saturday afternoon i. . opposition to a proposed expansion of the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary.  [Protesters picketed,] bearing signs that read "No Fishing?" and "Say No to NOAA" -- referring to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration -- protesters lined Kalanianaole Highway in Hawaii Kai. [Source: Star-Advertiser]

KHON2 and KITV televised NOAA's response, as well as comment and footage from demonstrators.

Malama Maunalua backed NOAA's plan, issuing a statement in favor of sanctuary expansion.  Malama Maunalua's support dates back to the announcement of the proposal.  In a statement March 30, Malama Maunalua posted:

Frazer McGilvray, Malama Maunalua’s Executive Director says “This is significant. It represents an unprecedented marine stewardship cooperative by federal and state agencies and has the full support of our community conservation organization."



 Interested readers can access the March 2015 DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT/DRAFT MANAGEMENT PLAN [pdf] on NOAA's website and read it in full.

Additional References: Federal Register dated March 26, 2015 | Hawaii News Now video + transcript June 17,, 2015

Hawaii Kai Chamber of Commerce [Honolulu, Hawaii] 17 June 2015.

The Hawaii Kai Rotary is partnering with McDonald’s of Hawaii Kai, and the Hawaii Kai Chamber of Commerce. to kick off the 4th of July with the second annual, Rotary Saves Lives Health Fair. They will be bringing together; First Responders and others to offer tips and  answer questions. The Honolulu Police Department and the Hawaii Blood Bank, are just a few of the information stops you’ll find.

Learn how to perform CPR, have your child fingerprinted or register for bone marrow transplant.  Check your blood pressure at Longs Drugs, receive a free eye exam with Dr Ede’s Eye Clinic near Safeway. Check out the Bike Safety clinic conducted by Natalie Iwasa, and be better prepared for our busy roads..


Saturday, the 4th of July | Hawaii Kai (Safeway) Shopping Center | from 10:00 am to 2pm.| Games & grab bags for the keiki.

feral cats in hawaii raise concerns

KITV [Honolulu, Hawaii] 16 June 2015.

Should people who feed feral cats be fined?  No proposal is currently on the table, but Councilman Trevor Ozawa would like to open the conversation on what citizens can do about the growing population.  The bulk of this news story takes place at Hawaii Kai's kiss and ride facility which by some estimates is home to several hundred strays.

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Weekly Friday news summary (June 12, 2015) for East Oahu and Hawaii Kai.  News sources are available through the web.  Links are posted immediately under the story headline.  

For full text of Star-Advertiser articles, access the database at the Hawaii State Library site and enter your library card number and PIN. 

Man released in murder case is arrested on suspicion of robbery; Man freed in stabbing case jailed in breach of park hours

Gregg K. Kakesako Star-Advertiser [Honolulu, Hawaii]  11 June 201506 June 2015

June 11- Police on Thursday arrested Gary Landis, who was released June 3 from police custody in the stabbing death of an 80-year-old newspaper vendor, on suspicion of trying to rob a 75-year-old woman in Honolulu.

Police arrested at 10:48 a.m. Landis, who has no local address, was arrested at an Ala Moana Boulevard address at 10:48 a.m. Thursday on suspicion of first-degree robbery.

On June 5, Landis was arrested at 2:15 a.m. and cited for being at Kapiolani Park after it closed.


June 06 - Gary L. Landis was released from custody earlier this week as police continued to investigate the stabbing death of a 70-year-old newspaper vendor in November, but Landis was back in jail again Friday.

Just 32 hours after being released without being charged in the death of Thaddeus "Ted" Pirga Jr. of Hawaii Kai on Nov. 9 on Wai­alae Avenue, Landis was cited and arrested at 2:15 a.m. Friday for allegedly being in Kapiolani Park after it closed at midnight. 

food news: central bakery opens in kahala

Nadine Kam Honolulu Pulse [Honolulu, Hawaii] 10 June 2015.

Someone pinch me. Beyond chasing after Chris Sy, Honolulu finally has a permanent spot for world-class breads with the arrival of Central Bakery in Kahala in the former Kahala Moon/Wahoo’s space next to Olive Tree Cafe.

Bread lovers will rejoice, but so will diners. The name doesn’t reflect that Central Bakery is also a full restaurant serving Italian- and French-style cuisine, with a hint of its Japan roots. . .

Central Bakery is at 4614 Kilauea Ave. Current hours are 5 to 10 p.m. Monday to Saturday; lunch and brunch service are expected to start at the end of the month. The cost of dinner is about $60 to $80 for two without drinks. Call (808) 777-6700. 

[Read more and see pictures at Honolulu Pulse]

elderly couple pulled from burning kaimuki home by neighbors

Hawaii News Now [Honolulu, Hawaii] 10 June 2015.

Family rushed to the home after getting word of what happened while medics treated the couple for smoke inhalation. Neighbors took a step back not wanting recognition just grateful everyone was safe. "Oh my goodness I was sitting here praying giving thanks. It could have been anyone of us," said Mrs. Adams.  [Read more at Hawaii News Now]

State health officials fail to take action against Kaimuki squalor home

Hawaii News Now [Honolulu, Hawaii] 10 June 2015.

The Hawaii News Now video opens along the banks of Kapalama Canal, where homeless are being displaced and their belongings cleared.  The video changes locations to Kaimuki, where neighbors can't get local government to clear a home infested with rodents and roaches, and where they say the owner hasn't occupied the residence in months. 

Excerpt from the website:

A house of squalor in Kaimuki remains untouched with heaps of trash fouling up the neighborhood.  Neighbors are in disbelief, wondering what it takes to get help from anyone in the government.  City and state officials are well aware of that property where the yard is piled so high with junk you can barely see the home.  State officials said its Sanitation Branch had not received any complaints about the home on 2nd Avenue. But one neighbor said she has kept a record of each time she called the state and the city which dates back to 2004.  [read more and watch the video at Hawaii News Now]

state feels paris' pain on [makapu'u] love locks

Nina Wu Star-Advertiser [Honolulu, Hawaii] 09 June 2015.

On any given day, padlocks appear on the rusted, mesh-link fence at the highest lookout on the Makapuu Lighthouse Trail in east Oahu.

Sometimes, a dozen or more of these "love locks," which are meant to express sentiments of love or commitment, pop up during the week, despite a sign informing the public that they will be removed. There are locks of all shapes, colors and sizes, some inscribed or marked with couple's names and a date, others left blank.

They are part of a problem that stretches from Makapuu to Paris. The love locks became a serious problem for the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris when a chunk of fencing fell under the weight of the locks last summer. City workers in Paris began removing 45 tons of locks last week to prevent long-term damage to the historical bridge.

While the custom seems to have originated in Europe -- some believe it exploded in popularity after a film adaptation of an Italian book entitled "I Want You" in 2007 -- the trend is now worldwide.

In Hawaii, state officials aren't happy about that. [To read more, use Star-Advertiser link above, enter Hawaii Library card # and PIN]

kaimuki grad '01 ruthie ann miles wins Tony for “Best Featured Actress in a Musical”

KHON2 [Honolulu, Hawaii] 07 June 2015.

The 69th-annual Tony Awards were handed out in New York Sunday evening, and one of them went to a local O’ahu girl!  Ruthie Ann Miles in her Broadway debut won the Tony for “Best Featured Actress in a Musical.” That’s for her role in the Broadway revival of the classic “The King and I.”

Kaiser high football standout michael eletise narrows choice from 41 to 10

Hawaii Prep World [Honolulu, Hawaii] 07 June 2015.

After months of being a prized prospect in the eyes of universities from Hawaii to the East Coast, Michael Eletise of Kaiser High School has narrowed his list of 41 BCS offers and one Division II offer to 10 schools.

Koko Crater Stables dying slow death at hands of perplexing city decisions

Kimo Franklin  Star-Advertiser [Honolulu, Hawaii] 07 June 2015.

[T]imes have been difficult for KCS [Koko Crater Stables] in recent years, with the loss of the horseback riding trail and the age-related deterioration of the barns on the property.

Issues include the city's denial of the 2-mile horseback trail ride in Koko Crater and the forbidding of designated stables staff to live 24/7 on the grounds cottage, which had been placed there decades ago. . .

Other concerns such as horse manure (which the gardens could use) and erosion could be mitigated with community kuleana in the crater and soil conservation best-management practices. . .

Regarding the cottage that has been used by KCS staff for decades, the city offers no explanation other than to say that the cottage is no longer part of the contract. Hence, it is no longer available for use. This prevents KCS from having staff present 24/7 to monitor the horses. . .

[To read more, use Star-Advertiser link above, enter Hawaii Library card # and PIN]

bruno mars PORTLOCK HOME sold for $2.7m

Neal J. Leitereg Los Angeles Times [Los Angeles, CA] 06 June 2015.

In its celebrity real estate section the Los Angeles Times reports

Grammy-winning singer Bruno Mars, who bought a tricked-out estate in the Fryman Canyon area last year, has sold a Balinese-inspired home in the eastern part of Honolulu for $2.7 million. . .

The nearly one-third-acre property came on the market last year for $3.5 million and was more recently priced at $2.995 million, records show. Mars, whose real name is Peter Gene Hernandez, bought the house from John Browning, heir to the Browning firearms company, in 2012 for $3.1 million.

interview with stacey aldrich, new state librarian and hawaii kai resident

Mark Coleman Star-Advertiser [Honolulu, Hawaii] 05 June 2015.

The June 5 "Honolulu Star-Advertiser Mark Coleman Column" features Stacey Aldrich, new State Librarian and recent Pennsylvania to Hawaii Kai transplant.  Aldrich assumed her new role on April 6.  She speaks with Mark Coleman to great length, discussing changes, both professional and personal, as well as highlighting the many services of our state system public libraries: an excellent read.  To see the unabridged interview, go to -- you guessed it -- the Hawaii State Library database, online. (clicking the link above and entering your library card # and PIN will take you there)

Auntie Pasto's restaurant won't be opening at Aina Haina Shopping Center in East Oahu

Duane Shimogawa Pacific Business News [Honolulu, Hawaii] 05 June 2015.

Pacific Business News confirms what many of us suspected long ago.  After seeing Auntie Pasto restaurant signs go up at the Aina Haina Shopping Center nearly a year ago, then seeing them removed with virtually no construction taking place, it's true; Auntie Pasto's restaurant will not be occupying the space.

Hawaii Kai Trash delay makes news

KHON2 [Honolulu, Hawaii] 05 June 2015.

The original news piece is entitled, "Could Oahu trash troubles be solved with new fee?" and asks whether it's simply an issue of money.  KHON2's Brent Ramadna writes,

"Bulky trash pickup issues are an ongoing problem, but currently Hawaii Kai is dealing with delays in normal trash pickups."

The piece then goes on to detail a number of issues faced by the City Department of Environmental Services, including truck maintenance and staffing issues.

Alleged fraud has trial set for August

Star-Advertiser [Honolulu, Hawaii] 05 June 2015.

A 58-year-old Aina Haina woman who allegedly used stolen credit cards to make thousands of dollars in fraudulent purchases at upscale retailers over a six-month period is being held in lieu of $500,000 bail.

Kathleen Watanabe entered a plea of not guilty Thursday to a total of 23 counts of first-degree theft, first-degree identity theft, second-degree theft, second-degree identity theft, fraudulent use of a credit card, and unauthorized possession of confidential personal information.

Police said they investigated several cases of credit card fraud reported Nov. 21 to March 2 by three women.

At Watanabe's arraignment in Circuit Court, Judge Richard Perkins scheduled her trial for the week of Aug. 3 and assigned Circuit Judge Karen Ahn to the case. Watanabe is being held at the Oahu Community Correctional Center.

An Oahu grand jury indicted Watanabe last week. Police arrested her May 21 at her home.


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June 5, 2015

Weekly Friday news summary for East Oahu and Hawaii Kai.  Full text of these excerpts is available through the web.  Where access is granted to the public, there is a link.  Due to the quantity of news stories, there is also a Tuesday June 2, 2015 supplement to this week's news.

For full text of Star-Advertiser articles, access the database at the Hawaii State Library site and enter your library card number and PIN. 

Suspect in stabbing of Kaimuki newspaper vendor released

Gregg K. Kakesako Star-Advertiser [Honolulu, Hawaii] 04 June 2015.

A 30-year-old man arrested in connection with the fatal stabbing of a 70-year-old man who sold newspapers in Kaimuki was released, pending further investigation. Honolulu police arrested Gary Lee Landis Tuesday on suspicion of murder in the death of Thaddeus “Ted” Pirga Jr., of Hawaii Kai, in November.  Police released Landis Wednesday, He was not charged. 

Brush fire closes kalanianaole near makapuu in afternoon hours

KHON2 [Honolulu, Hawaii] 03 June 2015.

The initial call came in at 2:43 p.m. Ten [fire] companies with 32 personnel responded.  The closure was in effect between Alan Davis Beach and Sea Life Park until about 5:15 p.m. Wednesday.  It was 100 percent contained by 6:30 p.m. No one was injured and no damage was reported.

PV Panels to go up again at Aina Haina Library

KITV4 [Honolulu, Hawaii] 02 June 2015.

Paying for solar -- twice! It may not sound very book-smart, but that is what the state has done at one of its libraries. 

 . . .it seemed like a bright idea four years ago to put photovoltaic panels on the library roof until windy weather blew in last year.  "We had an accident where a couple of panels flew off the roof. Luckily no one got hurt, but it led to an inspection and they deemed the system to be unsafe," said [Keith] Fujio, [assistant to the state librarian].

Some of the rack mounting materials were found to be defective, and the panels came down. They have stayed down for more than a year because there has also been a problem getting them fixed.

"We tried to go back to the original contractor, and they are no longer in business," said Fujio.

While the state waits to recover what it can from the contractor's insurer, it has decided to put PV panels back up at the library.

A whole new system will cost an $280,000. That is on top of the $590,000 the state paid back in 2011 for roof repairs and the initial photovoltaic system.

Police arrest man, 30, in Kaimuki fatal stabbing

Star-Advertiser [Honolulu, Hawaii] 02 June 2015.

A 30-year-old man was arrested Tuesday in connection with the fatal stabbing of a 70-year-old man who sold newspapers in Kaimuki.

Honolulu police arrested Gary Lee Landis at 11:15 a.m. on suspicion of murder in the death of Thaddeus “Ted” Pirga Jr., of Hawaii Kai, according to a news release from CrimeStoppers and the Honolulu Police Department. Charges against Landis are pending.

Pirga, a retired welder and popular seller of the Sunday Honolulu Star-Advertiser in Kai­muki, died Nov. 9 after he was stabbed while at his post in front of Cafe Miro on Wai­alae Avenue.

 Chef Ed Kenney’s Mud Hen Water restaurant opens in Honolulu’s Kaimuki neighborhooD

Darin Moriki Pacific Business News [Honolulu, Hawaii] 02 June 2015.

Hawaii chef Ed Kenney, the owner of Kaimuki Superette and Town, open[ed] his third restaurant in Honolulu’s Kaimuki neighborhood, Mud Hen Water, on Tuesday night following months of extensive renovations.

. . .Mud Hen Water, [is] across the street from Town and next door to Kaimuki Superette at 3452 Waialae Avenue, 


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