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Quick, name four things open 24/7 East of Kahala.

Were you able to come up with:

Hawaii Kai at Night

  1. Safeway
  2. Longs Drugs
  3. Seven Eleven 
  4. Jack in the Box

I was only able to name the first two until I did some research.  Seven Eleven has two locations, Hahaione (Hawaii Kai), and Niu Valley.  The Niu Valley Jack in the Box near Seven Eleven is also open 24 hours.  Perhaps it's the new Zippys, which in Hawaii Kai, is only open until 11 pm.

From a cursory review, here are the other stores I found that are open past 10 pm.



Foodland Farms (Grocery), Aina Haina  daily to 11pm
Walgreens, Koko Marina midnight
Consolidated Theatres, Koko Marina last showing around 10:30 pm
Ross Dress For Less, Hawaii Kai Towne Center 10:30pm, Fri & Sat to 11pm
Bubbies Ice Cream, Koko Marina 11pm, Fri & Sat to midnight
Zippys, Koko Marina fast food to 11pm, dine in Fri & Sat 11pm
Starbucks. Koko Marina 10:30pm, Fri & Sat to 11pm
Starbucks, Aina Haina daily to 10:30pm
Burger King, Hawaii Kai Towne Center midnight
Yogurtland, Hawaii Kai Towne Center Fri & Sat to 11pm
McDonalds, Hawaii Kai Shopping Center 11pm, Fri & Sat to midnight*

*check with McDonalds directly, their two door signs have different hours, and their website has something else entirely.

Note that the Starbucks all have different hours.  The one at the Hawaii Kai Towne Center closes around dinnertime every day.