netflix download for iOS and AndroidIt's here, It was rumored that Netflix was going to allow downloading of its video files for offline viewing, but they've delivered an early Christmas gift to Stranger Things lovers everywhere. Not all videos are available, but all of the Netflix series are, as well as select others.  This new feature is available on both Netflix's Android and iPad apps and I just tested it out.  

For the past week, I had been bingewatching Mischievous Kiss, a Fuji TV Japanese drama series.  One of the best features of Netflix is its subtitles. You can choose the language on a number of them.  On some series, you can even choose the audio language too.

In any case, I had been watching it first in Japanese, then in English to see how well I actually understood the story.  I'm now going back and rewatching it again in Japanese to commit more words and sentences to memory.  Now that I can take my movies on the go I'll be able to squeeze in even more study time -- although the series is so addictive I doubt I'll think of it as study at all.

In any case, Netflix lovers, your offline prayers are here.  Check your Netflix tablet app to see if your series is available for download.