The Hawaii State Library recently updated its website to a more dynamic format.  RSS feeds are available, as are .ics calendar imports.  I like it, it's a tad more intuitive than before, but it does require changing your bookmarks and relearning where to find your favorite links. 

Recently, I visited the library and couldn't find my library card.  I had the number however, so I was able to download their app, available for both Apple and Android devices.  Finding the app wasn't intuitive at all.  To get the app, type in the words "Chilifresh Hawaii."  The app isn't new.  It's been there for two years, but due to a lack of publicity -- even on the new site -- it's underused.

hspls chilifresh

On the left hand top, there's a menu.  Enter your account credentials, and you can use your phone as your library card.  It's nice.  Non-electronic resources are all catalogued and you can request and hold your books on the go.  You can also see what you've checked out and extend your due date if you need to.

On the subject of library apps, there are also digital collections that require different apps.  These lnclude Overdrive for ebooks and audiobooks, OneClickAudio for certain audiobooks, and Zinio for magazines.  You can find links to them on the READ dropdown menu on the library's homepage.