BREAKING: September 30, 2017

Kaiser Coach Arnold Martinez resigns amidst conflict and parent confrontation.  Excerpts from his statement:

In late June of 2016 I was hired as the Head Football Coach for Henry J. Kaiser High School. Our program philosophy was to build a long-term sustainable program that treats athletics as an extension of the classroom and overall educational experience of our students. We believed in teaching our players to be great people, students, and athletes, in that order. We believed that winning in the interscholastic athletic arena begins with winning at home, in the community, on campus, in the classroom, in the locker room, in team meetings and at practices. We believed that giving your best in the classroom, being a good teammate, being on time, attending practices, earning a roster spot, earning playing time, wearing the team uniform and being coachable is normal procedure for all teams at all levels. We believed in a football culture of quality, hard work, and standards, where character is the foundation of success.

Due to a series of events throughout the season there were extreme concerns for student, parent and staff safety. There were threats aimed at school staff, school administration and myself. These threats have reached my family, my personal property, and my home. I received a letter at my home threatening my family and me with physical harm. Because of this hostile environment I am formally resigning as Head Football Coach for Kaiser High School. Although I will miss our players, I must prioritize. The emotional, mental, and physical well being of my wife and children are my highest priority.

Source: [HNN] [Letter of Resignation]

September 30, 2017

Kaiser parent arrested for terroristic threatening:

The controversy led to an incident on September 19th in which a parent of a player, Gregory Illuminato Tartamella became violent with Kaiser staff. Tartamella was arrested Friday (Sept 29) on two counts of terroristic threatening and a count of assault 2 from events that evening.  Source: [KHON]


September 22, 2017

Video surfaces of parent / Head Football Coach Arnold Martinez confrontation at Kaiser High School [KITV]


The History:

[Star-Advertiser] September 19, 2017 4:43pm

An altercation at the Kaiser football field requiring police attention led to the school’s decision to cancel the rest of the Cougars’ season.

According to a source high up in the Kaiser administration, an argument between parents and head coach Arnold Martinez began after practice Monday.

“The parents almost punched him and it got really ugly,” the source said. “The parents were irate and there was some pushing and shoving.”

The source said the school has asked for a police presence of six to eight officers for the rest of the week, which concludes with the annual homecoming assembly Friday.

[KHON2] September 19, 2017, 6:07 pm

Officials also announced that the grand opening of the school’s new athletic facilities and renovated track and field will not take place as scheduled Wednesday “as an added safety precaution.”

The department declined to comment further, or give us access to campus.

We received several calls and emails from parents who are disappointed with the decision.

[Hawaii News Now] September 19th 2017, 4:30 pm 

In an email obtained by Hawaii News Now that was distributed internally to faculty and staff members, school administators said that the decision to cancel the remainder of the football season was "due to escalating threats against members of our faculty and staff."

Multiple sources tell Hawaii News Now that there was a second, unspecified altercation involving a parent, but that the incident happened at head coach Arnold Martinez's home, not at the school.

Court records obtained by Hawaii News Now show that Martinez filed for a temporary restraining order last week. It was not immediately clear whether the request for a restraining order was related to the incident.