One of the many things I love about Hawaii is its sense of community, including free flu vaccines for all school children whose schools have participated in the past Department of Health program.  Sadly, however, we were just informed by Niu Valley Middle School that the annual shots are on hold this year.  

I will update this information as we learn more.  Meanwhile, parents are encouraged to seek out alternative options.  The Department of Health publishes a list of clinics for adult immunizations.  Parents may want to check with these pharmacies and inquire about keiki vaccines.  Then of course, there's always your child's doctor's office.

So far, there's no word on whether this is a temporary hold or a longer one.  I'm hoping it's the first, but maybe our household ought to check into getting vaccines earlier rather than wait.

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Posted: 6 months 1 week ago by Auntie #42
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Today, 9/19/2016, Niu Valley sent out a notice in their school bulletin that free flu clinics will continue to be held. They are delayed however, with the expected date for most clinics in January 2017.

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