kimcheeinbowl chives


From time to time, I receive a surplus of chives from friends and neighbors.  I also, from time to time, crave chive kim chee. It's the ultimate in local smelly fermented food.  Once you've had some, you'll be hooked.  Just make sure everyone else tries it too so that no one can complain about the aroma.  In any case, it's too much work to make kim chee from scratch, so I just buy a huge tub of won bok kim chee from Costco, eat a little to make room for the chives, blanch the chives, then let it sit for at least a day.  Voila!  Chive kim chee.



chive kimchee 4x6 

chives blanched 4x6


1. Chives & Kim Chee.  Make sure there's room in the container to fit the chives.

2.  Clean and wash chives.

3.  Boil a pot of water.

4.  Dip washed chives in for 15 seconds.

5.  Immediately cool in iced water.

6.  Make an indent in the won bok kim chee.

7.  Place blanched chives in.

8.  Push chives to the bottom and cover with kim chee and liquid.

9.  Wait at least one day for the flavor to soak in.