• East Oahu road alert - Eastbound between 11am and 1pm Thursday


    HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - On Thursday, Hawaiian Electric contractors will move an 80-ton transformer from Kapolei to Kaneohe — and the heavy load will affect traffic. 

    The transport vehicle will travel at about 10 to 15 mph on roads and 5 mph on bridges. 

    The delivery will take about four hours, and start about 9 a.m. at Hawaiian Electric's Ewa Nui Substation on Farrington Highway.

    The route travels through the Ewa area and heads east through Salt Lake to Nimitz Highway. At Waiakamilo. the route heads up to Vineyard Boulevard, and then travels downtown on Bishop Street to South King Street.

    Continuing east, the route heads onto Waialae Avenue through Kaimuki and the Kahala Mall area to join Kalanianaole Highway, and then heads to Hawaii Kai. The transport then goes around Makapuu Point, through Waimanalo and Kailua, and onto Kamehameha Highway.

    The route ends at the Koolau Substation on Kahiko Street.  

    The heavy load will be accompanied by a police escort.

  • Aug 18 - Kaiser High School in Hawaii Kai has forfeited its first two football games due to a shrinking roster.  Hawaii Prep World highlights some of the issues affecting both the team and Hawaii high school football overall. [Hawaii Prep World

    Aug 18 -  Chef Eric Oto has lived, learned and worked his whole life on Oahu. This month he debuts in his new post as chef de cuisine for Hoku's, Kahala Hotel and Resort's signature restaurant. Oto, a graduate of the culinary program at Oahu's Leeward Community College, worked his way up at Halekulani, becoming sous chef at Orchids restaurant. He then moved on to Four Seasons Ko Olina, where he helped open the Ko Olina Fish House as the sous chef. [Travel Weekly]

    Aug 15 - Following community outcry, the Kahala Hotel has pulled its environmental impact assessment regarding expansion of its wedding venue to shoreline areas. [HNN]

    Aug 14 - Middle school charter SEEQS began instruction at their new location, shared with them via generous consent of Kaimuki High School.  [Civil Beat]

    Aug 14 - The derelict home in Kaimuki that caused concern among neighbors has now been replaced by a new two-story home and new owners.  Honolulu City Councilmember Ann Kobayashi spoke to KHON2 regarding the subsequent ordinance and lessons learned. [KHON2]

    Aug 13 - Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii posted surveillance images online over the weekend of a man they believe stole a drone from their Kaimuki home office. The organization said the apparent robbery took place on Monday Aug. 7 just after 7:30 p.m. [HNN]

    Aug 12 - The Medical Examiner identified the fisherman swept away from the shores near the Kahala Hotel as Matthew Mabida-Bridges, 30, of Honolulu. Mabida-Bridges and his companion were fishing Aug 11 when a large wave knocked them off their feet.  [Star-Advertiser]

    Aug 11 - The Honolulu Police Department (HPD) has been ramping up its patrol of parking lots in the Makapuu area following a rash of vehicle break-ins. [HNN]

  • Hawaii Kai Costco's food court is closed from today (February 13, 2017) through Friday, February 17.  It will reopen on Saturday.  I'm told they're getting new flooring installed this week.

    hawaii kai costco foodcourt closed signhawaii kai costco foodcourt closed

  • Enrollment counts for 2016-2017 were just released at Hawaii DOE:


    Regular Education Special Education Grand Pre-K
    School Total Total Total Sped RegEd
    100 AINA HAINA -16 5 -11 -5 0
    108 HAHAIONE -19 -1 -20 3 0
    114 KAHALA -5 1 -4 -1 0
    116 KAIMUKI MID -8 4 -4 0 0
    154 KAISER HI -6 -4 -10 0 0
    119 KALANI HI 26 14 40 0 0
    155 KAMILOIKI 7 6 13 1 0
    127 KOKO HEAD -1 -4 -5 0 0
    139 NIU VALLEY MID -3 11 8 0 0
    153 WILSON -25 2 -23 -2 0
    Regular Education Special Education Grand Pre-K
    School Total Total Total Sped RegEd
    100 AINA HAINA 447 41 488 4 0
    108 HAHAIONE 515 24 539 9 0
    114 KAHALA 336 25 361 10 0
    116 KAIMUKI MID 919 85 1004 0 0
    154 KAISER HI 1049 85 1134 0 0
    119 KALANI HI 1217 154 1371 0 0
    155 KAMILOIKI 368 42 410 8 0
    127 KOKO HEAD 277 29 306 4 0
    139 NIU VALLEY MID 827 89 916 0 0
    153 WILSON 522 35 557 7 0
    Regular Education Special Education Grand Pre-K
    School Total Total Total Sped RegEd
    100 AINA HAINA 463 36 499 9 0
    108 HAHAIONE 534 25 559 6 0
    114 KAHALA 341 24 365 11 0
    116 KAIMUKI MID 927 81 1008 0 0
    154 KAISER HI 1055 89 1144 0 0
    119 KALANI HI 1191 140 1331 0 0
    155 KAMILOIKI 361 36 397 7 0
    127 KOKO HEAD 278 33 311 4 0
    139 NIU VALLEY MID 830 78 908 0 0
    153 WILSON 547 33 580 9 0


    Mirroring the rest of the state, East Oahu public education counts generally held steady with no large changes noted.  The only possible outliers would be Kalani, where special education enrollment increased by nine percent, and Niu Valley, where special education enrollment increased by 14 percent.  I've extracted East Oahu data from two years of spreadsheets and posted it [here], if you're interested in more detail by grade level. 




  • Print Media Emoji newspaper emoji emoticon newspaper emoticon

    Remember when Honolulu had a morning AND an evening newspaper?

    Rarely do I diss technology.  In almost every instance, technology has brought us closer together and shortened the time between processes.  In this case, however, it seems to have killed local news.

    We've come full circle.  Back in the early part of last century, news traveled slowly, often transmitted through inefficient means such as over the fence of your neighbors' yard.  These days, unless your retired neighbor is livestreaming it, you'll probably get your local news the same way.

    To compile the East Oahu weekly news update, I've devised a long list of different techniques for extracting local news over what should be a more efficient internet.  Even then, I still miss important news that was published timely.  On this, I blame Google.  Yet at the same time, I haven't found any search engine as effective as Google.  Go figure.

    Part of the blame is just the cost of internet success.  With 60 trillion webpages indexed and growing, Google can't crawl every site every minute.  A bigger part of the blame however, comes from individuals whom game the system, trying to figure out Google's ranking algorithm at every turn.  These people are experts in the booming field of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

    These SEO experts are part marketing guy, part snake oil salesman.  Behind-the-scenes detail is where running a website gets complicated.  Good content and good writing don't count if you can't be found or if users perceive you as clickbait, which is why I'm baffled as to why the Star Advertiser still runs behind a paywall; ditto for the Pacific Business News.  

    Recently, I subscribed to the Star Advertiser.  After the introductory period ran out, I cancelled.  I gave it my best shot, but I found that the paper version was inconvenient: I couldn't find the parts I wanted quickly.  Surprisingly, I couldn't find these parts on their included online subscription either.

    Usually, my go-to trick is to use Google to search a site's content when there is no search bar, or where the search bar does not turn up the results you are looking for.  The syntax in Google is, site: followed by the domain name, e.g. site:CNN.com (no spaces between site: and the domain).  Because Star-Advertiser is a subscription only site, I couldn't do that.  That's when I resorted to the entirely free option of Star-Advertiser state library access.  Sadly, the free option was better than the paid.

    What happened next nearly makes me cry.  I received not one, but five calls soliciting my renewal.  Really? When I say it makes me want to cry, it's not because I was particularly bothered by the calls, but rather I was saddened by the realization that they're in a state of denial. 

    As far as what will happen to Hawaii's press, I don't know.  I know I'm eternally grateful to sites like Civil Beat which just recently gave up all hope of being self-sustaining and became a non-profit instead.  I just don't know if it's inherently just or long-term feasible.  (Note to self and others: don't forget to DONATE.)

     Twitter: The newsroom floor. Facebook???

    Twitter isn't news.  It's more like being on the newsroom floor.  Twitter is where to go when the President has a "big announcement."  For example, several hours before Barack Obama's announcement in 2011, Twitter had leaked that Osama Bin Laden had been killed.  Of course, Twitter doesn't always have it right.  That's why it is the newsroom floor: a place you want to be when news may come out, the gossip mill around the water cooler.  Sometimes, Twitter can be dangerous for tweeters.  Take, for instance, Ryan Lochte lying -- not to the international public -- but in a private remark his mother.  That, in turn, led to this tweet, which led to big news, the fallout which continues today.

    Hawaii is not really on the bandwagon with the Twitter-newsroom-floor trend.  Here, Twitter is used sporadically -- more as a means for publicity than news.  One area I can say Hawaii uses Twitter in an outstanding way is with its #HiTraffic hashtag.  Official government agencies, namely the Honolulu Police Department (HPD), are behind the hashtag's widespread use.  If you want to check up-to-date traffic conditions, just search #HiTraffic.

    The lack of Twitter usage leaves me struggling to find news.  Its alternative, Facebook, just doesn't appeal to me, and quite frankly I've only found it good for seeing the latest pictures of my friends' cats and kids.  On the flip side of that, I've found it a good place that -- if you're not careful who you "friend" -- lends itself to trolling and uncivil comments.  Lastly, I just don't trust Facebook.  Since the start, Facebook has been about monetizing the site, sometimes at the cost of simply assuming everything belongs to it.

    As if to make the point, just yesterday, Facebook did a flip-flop now claiming it is a social site and not a media site, as they had once declared.  No doubt, that came from the fact that Facebook fired the humans that filter the news and the algorithm immediately posted fake news at the top of users feeds

    What Now? Emoji confused face emoji emoticon confused face emoticon

    A decade ago, a journalist friend correctly predicted the polarization of internet news, almost a natural extension of the "if it bleeds, it leads" mantra of broadcast news.  In a world where truth counts less than clicks, extremism has reached levels we never imagined.  Pillars of the media world have been separated into different camps: Fox pandering to the right, with MSNBC pandering to the left.  Recently, the mainstream media's divergence from political neutrality shocked even me.  When compiling a list of balanced news outlets for my son, I briefly considered adding Mother Jones to the list of neutral bias outlets.  How far have we deviated from politics-neutral reporting when Mother Jones makes the list? (Although, for the record, I find Mother Jones' analysis always centered on fact and not sensationalism, and carefully vetted before publication unlike more well-known counterparts.)

    National news aside, local news struggles to find a way to remain both profitable and relevant in the giant sea of the World Wide Web.  News that may be useful and helpful to residents of a small area like Hawaii get pummelled in Google rank.  Naturally, that causes local outlets to scour the web for irrelevant stories that will raise its internet visibility.  That in turn, buries the news we really needed.

    I don't have a solution.  Or, maybe my solution is to scour the web for you so you know where to find East Oahu / Hawaii Kai relevant information.  Or, maybe my longer term hope is that the myriad of technologies we have somehow find a natural settling as a true troll-free virtual community.  Or, maybe that's just wishful thinking.

  • eo waimanalo feed supply storefront

    Because I'm told that fish don't count, our family's first "real" pet is a rabbit.  He's a Netherland Dwarf, a tiny little black creature that lives in a three-story one-of-a-kind apartment.  I've always bought partial bales of Timothy hay for him on Amazon.  It seemed like a good deal, usually about $30 for ten pounds.  That was before I discovered Waimanalo Feed Supply.

    I pass by the store all the time.  It's just 20 minutes from Hawaii Kai and on the way to multiple destinations on the Windward side.  It's right next to Shima's supermarket and near the Jack-in-the-Box.  There is ample parking right in front of the store.  Inside, you'll find a variety of pretty much everything.  Most of it pertains to animals, but if you're short on time, you can also buy your laundry soap there, or perhaps a can of SPAM.

    Long story short, I bought a 3 pound bag of Timothy hay for $5.10 including tax.  Just to show you how much hay that is, I took a picture right next to our diminutive pet.  

    eo waimanalo feed hay

    Waimanalo Feed Supply is open Monday through Saturday, closed Sunday.  Be sure to check out their website for holidays and hours.


  • I'm going to call my first attempt at livestreaming a flop:  A disaster:  A good idea whose time has not yet come.

    Livestreaming has been in the news quite a bit lately, from the House Democrats' sit-in to the Minnesota police shooting of Philando Castile.  In the first example, on June 22, 2016, House of Representative Democrats staged a sit-in to force a vote on gun control.  CSPAN would normally have broadcast it, but  -- CSPAN directives are given by House staffers: that is, the controlling Republican majority.  They ordered the cameras turned off.  Democrats responded by livestreaming video through Periscope while posting updates through Facebook.  In the second example, Philando Castile, an unarmed black man, was shot dead at a traffic stop.  His girlfriend had the livestream video running the whole time, from the confrontation to his death.  The video added additional evidence to U.S. outrage over black deaths at the hands of law enforcement and sparked yet more protests and calls for action.

    My own experience pales in comparison.

    First, I thought I'd shoot the opening before the start of the ESSA Town Hall meeting at Kalani.  That left me walking with the phone in front of me, talking to myself.  I grabbed a quick glimpse of a what was still a nearly empty school cafeteria.  Then, I moved to a corner of the courtyard to continue to talk to myself.  No one.  No one joined the stream. . .then one. . .he/she said "Hi."  This was my highlight.  I was about to reply.  Then the phone rang.  It was my husband.  I purposely hung up on him, not knowing if this was being caught live. He called again.  I answered. "Yes." He said, "I'm at Costco.  Need anything?"  To this day, I have not yet reviewed what was captured on the livestream.  I guess the world can know we have stocked up on milk.

    Next, on to the live notetaking during the meeting.  I would call that a measured success.  I rigged up a clipboard with a makeshift phone holder, connected a bluetooth keyboard and typed as the meeting went on.  I'd say they're among the better notes I've taken and best of all, they're done and posted all in one step.  You can review the first draft at EastOahu96825.com/gpublic, where I keep all of the Google Drive public documents related to this site.  The [direct link] is here.  I'll use those notes to write a short review of the meeting soon.

    I had promised a follow-up livestream through Periscope, but alas, I had problems connecting at the coffee shop my friend and I stopped at.  Truthfully, I was pretty much done with the humbling experience of livestreaming, at least for now.

  • Your presence is requested.

    Reminder reposted here:

    ESSA TOWN HALL MEETING - August 10  6:00 pm to 8:00 pm @ KALANI HIGH SCHOOL

    Please register at the link below. Here is your opportunity to have an impact on YOUR public school system.  Through the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), feedback and attendance is essential.



    If you can't make it, I will livestream just before the event at around 5:45 pm, and also following, at around 8 pm.  You can watch it through Periscope, or through my Twitter feed.  This is my first time working with the technology, so please bear with me as I do my best.


    I will also attempt to report live via Google Docs.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it, but if you want to follow along & possibly comment, the link is here. [ESSA Town Hall, Aug. 10, 2016 at Kalani HS]

    Pre-reading materials are available through http://eastoahu96825.com/gpublic



  • Neighborhood Boards are for busybodies, whiners, and otherwise unstable people.

    It's a commonly held notion, given Proposal #30 made by a private citizen on October 22, 2015.  Sadly, a small part of me believes it is true, although not for any reason that criticizes the individuals that tirelessly serve on it, nor because I believe that there is anything inherently wrong with those that seek a more grassroots community. 

    From the start, the intention was for the betterment of kama'aina.  In fact, it was voters that decided in 1973 to form neighborhood boards.  Yet somehow, on June 9 of this year, a meeting was to be held to discuss eliminating these very boards altogether. [Proposed Agenda]

    A little sleuthing (well -- given the state of the NCO website -- a lot of sleuthing) has uncovered that the initial suggestion of board elimination was brought about by Proposal #30 and acted upon by the Neighborhood Board Commission.  I am admittely a bit of a democracy voyeur when it comes to reading these documents first-hand.  I excerpt some of my favorite lines from the proposal here:

    I request the Charter Commission to research board membership . . .[and] consider the individuals who are voted to the boards. I believe some have mental issues, like there was one board member who claimed he was a law enforcement professional but admitted his police application was rejected, but since he always wanted to be a police officer, that was his profession.

    I believe it is a waste of resources to have police and fire officials, who are required to attend, provide reports, many times giving common sense reports like, "turn pot handles away from the front of the stove". . .

    Ultimately, this citizen suggested eliminating the neighborhood boards altogether.  This suggestion somehow found its way through a special committee of the Neighborhood Board Commission, which in turn -- without ever having consulted elected Neighborhood Board Members -- opted to hold a special meeting to discuss putting it on a ballot for citizen vote.

    This is where the whole process takes a somewhat Kafkaesque turn.  On one hand, a portion of hearing the citizen voice worked.  After all, it was a private citizen who asked for the matter to be taken up.  And to this citizen's credit, there were some very valid points made, including, "Over the years, interest in these boards have dwindled where several boards do not have a sufficient number of members to even make a quorum. Another problem has been that through interpretation, the boards have expanded their advisory role to voice concerns directly related to pure state issues. Boards have also directly interfered with private matters and one board was sued."

    However, in this very spirit of democracy, a singular citizen voice needs wider validation before being applied to all.  It was a referendum that brought about the boards.  Only a community vote could be applied to remove it.  Thankfully, the meeting to discuss board elimination was postponed indefinitely.  It doesn't take a genius to see that no one is going to vote to eliminate these boards that might one day be useful to them, even if they've never been to a meeting in their lifetime.

    Returning to the Charter Commission's agenda however, it was not necessarily their intent to remove citizen voice.  The higher calling from a May 16 meeting was the question of: “Should the City increase citizen participation in the decision of government though the use of electronic communication, such as television, Internet, and email, and eliminate the Neighborhood Board System?"

    It's an interesting proposal -- one that they've shown no proficiency in to date.  1.  They put out the proposal on a site prohibiting robots, the ones that index the web so that others can search it.  2.  They changed the link so that there is no permanent record of it existing, and 3. No one put so much as a courtesy advance communication out to ANY of the neighborhood boards so that they knew this October 22, 2015 proposal was in the pipeline.

    It's really the third sin that gets me hot under the collar.  In any case, it's pretty clear that citizens should reject the idea of board elimination until we find a better solution for broad community input.

    As for the initial idea that boards are made up of individuals that defy the definition of an average citizen -- it's true, and for both positive and less positive reasons.  I can rattle off a list of bizarre interactions that have taken place -- and that's just from reading the minutes, not having actually attended.  Yet, at the same time, I can also cite proactive interactions that won't cross your radar because the issue was taken care of before it became a bigger issue. Just remember, “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government, except all those others that have been tried.”


  • Thank you to everyone who participated in August's plant exchange.  The exchange received a wide variety of new plants and cuttings.  I was particularly touched by those of you thoughtful enough to start new cuttings and seedlings for us -- just for the sake of community.  

    Over the next week, this site will be spiffed up to include a database of plants that have come through the exchange.  Many will be in stock for September as well.  If you see one you like, pop me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and if it's still available I'll do my best to have it brought over.

    eo cuban oregano variegated

    Here's a picture of a cuban oregano plant with variegated leaves that was exchanged this month.  It's both beautiful and fragrant.

    The next plant exchange is once again, the first Tuesday of the month from 4-7 pm at Kaiser High School.  We'll be there on September 6.  Hope to see you there.  Remember, it's a casual exchange.  Bring something, take something, or just leave a donation to the Kaiser High School community.  Everyone benefits.

  • Beginning today, if you are registered to vote in Hawaii, you may cast your vote at any early voting location through August 11.  Oahu early voting locations are

  • July 28, 2016 A bakery worker at Hawaii Kai Costco is confirmed to have Hepatitis A.  Costco members who purchased baked goods prepared or packaged in the bakery between June 16-20 are being contacted by the store.  "If you don’t receive a phone call or letter, you are not affected." [KHON]

    July 28, 2016  A local company has drawn largely negative public feedback after sharing more details of an artificial reef it proposes to build using concrete infused with cremated remains of people who want to rest on the floor of Maunalua Bay.

    Hawaii Memorial Reefs LLC made a presentation to the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board on Tuesday night, hoping to gain some community support for the plan it claims will enhance coral and fish life in a largely lifeless area 40- to 60-feet deep about 1-1/2 miles off Paiko Peninsula in East Honolulu. . .public reaction at the meeting was mainly a mix of skepticism and opposition.

    The company had applied for a conservation district use permit from DLNR for the Maunalua Bay site. DLNR's Office of Conservation and Coastal Lands rejected the application earlier this month because the application was incomplete, while another DLNR division governing aquatic resources has questioned whether a memorial reef would constitute a cemetery under state law and therefore have to comply with rules governing cemeteries.  [Star Advertiser - library card req.]

    July 27, 2016 In an op-ed piece, Representative Gene Ward asks, "How Many More Spitting Caves Deaths Before Signs Are Posted" [Civil Beat]

    July 25, 2016 Former MLB slugger Kila Ka’aihue accepts head coaching job at Kaiser High School [KHON]

    July 24, 2016 Kaiser's "It's Academic" team wins season 5 semi-final and goes on to defend its title on Sunday.



  • Quick, name four things open 24/7 East of Kahala.

    Were you able to come up with:

    Hawaii Kai at Night

    1. Safeway
    2. Longs Drugs
    3. Seven Eleven 
    4. Jack in the Box

    I was only able to name the first two until I did some research.  Seven Eleven has two locations, Hahaione (Hawaii Kai), and Niu Valley.  The Niu Valley Jack in the Box near Seven Eleven is also open 24 hours.  Perhaps it's the new Zippys, which in Hawaii Kai, is only open until 11 pm.

    From a cursory review, here are the other stores I found that are open past 10 pm.



    Foodland Farms (Grocery), Aina Haina  daily to 11pm
    Walgreens, Koko Marina midnight
    Consolidated Theatres, Koko Marina last showing around 10:30 pm
    Ross Dress For Less, Hawaii Kai Towne Center 10:30pm, Fri & Sat to 11pm
    Bubbies Ice Cream, Koko Marina 11pm, Fri & Sat to midnight
    Zippys, Koko Marina fast food to 11pm, dine in Fri & Sat 11pm
    Starbucks. Koko Marina 10:30pm, Fri & Sat to 11pm
    Starbucks, Aina Haina daily to 10:30pm
    Burger King, Hawaii Kai Towne Center midnight
    Yogurtland, Hawaii Kai Towne Center Fri & Sat to 11pm
    McDonalds, Hawaii Kai Shopping Center 11pm, Fri & Sat to midnight*

    *check with McDonalds directly, their two door signs have different hours, and their website has something else entirely.

    Note that the Starbucks all have different hours.  The one at the Hawaii Kai Towne Center closes around dinnertime every day.


  •  ESSA TOWN HALL MEETING - August 10  6:00 pm to 8:00 pm @ KALANI HIGH SCHOOL

    Please register at the link below. Here is your opportunity to have an impact on YOUR public school system.  Through the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), feedback and attendance is essential.



    ESSA FAQS - Hawaii Dept of Education




    Traffic Alert for East Oahu and Hawaii Kai, July 24, 2016

    Race begins at 5:45 am in Waikiki.


    OCEAN SWIM – 750 Meters Start at Queen’s Beach pier, swim east around the large buoy and head west to a buoy in the front of the swim finish transition area.

    BIKE COURSE – 40 Kilometers Bike course will start from the transition area in Kapiolani Park. Cyclist will head out onto Kalakaua Ave. and ride up Diamond Head Rd. and Kahala Ave. Turn left on Kealaolu St., go right and merge onto Kalanianaole Hwy. eastbound till Lunalilo Home Rd. Make left turn, stay on Lunalilo Home Rd till cyclist makes a right turn onto Hawaii Kai Dr. At the corner of Hawaii Kai Dr. and Kealahou St, cyclist will make a u-turn and head back. Turn left at corner of Hawaii Kai Dr and Lunalilo Home Rd., turn right on Wailua, turn left onto Keahole St, then turn right to merge onto Kalanianaole Hwy west bound. Take right exit at Kilauea Ave. exit ramp, turn left onto Kilauea Ave.. Turn left on Elepaio, turn right on Kahala Ave., ride up Diamond Head Rd., and turn left on Kalakaua Ave. back to the transition area at Kapiolani Park.

    RUN COURSE – 10 Kilometers Start at Run Exit west/ocean end of transition area. Head toward Kapahulu Ave. (Honolulu Zoo), turn right on Paki. Cross street at corner of Paki and Monsarrat Ave. and run up Monsarrat Ave and turn left on 18th Ave. Turn right on Kilauea Ave., turn right on Elepaio St., turn right on Kahala Ave., head up Diamond Head Rd., turn left onto Kalakaua Ave. toward the transition area and Finish Line.

    WEBSITE: http://www.tinmanhawaii.com/


    Grand opening of Niu Valley Playground set for June 4. [Facebook]

    5/31/2016 Sophie's Gourmet make-your-own pizza has opened at Koko Marina in Hawaii Kai. [Honolulu Magazine]

    5/27/2016 Horse enthusiasts have plan to save Koko Crater Stables [Hawaii News Now]

    "The city is still exploring options and has not made a final decision on Koko Crater Stables," said Parks and Recreation Deputy Director Michele Nekota. [Star-Advertiser]  

    5/25/2016 After a nearly yearlong investigation, the city prosecutor's office has declined to file criminal charges in the death of a 54-year-old ophthalmologist who was hit by two cars during an early morning jog on Kalanianaole Highway near Wailupe Beach Park. [Star-Advertiser]  



  • Monday, May 30, 2016 is Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is a State, County and Federal Holiday.  Closures and special hours include:

    Costco - CLOSED
    Satellite City Hall - CLOSED
    RRR Recycling (between Hawaii Kai Park & Ride and Dog Park) - CLOSED
    Hawaii Kai Post Office - CLOSED, no mail delivery
    Hawaii Kai State Library - CLOSED
    Kaiser Permanente Hawaii Kai Clinic - CLOSED

    Island Urgent Care - special hours 8-5pm
    TheBus - Sunday schedule

    Trash pickup - normal collection schedule

  • Weekly Friday news summary (February 19, 2016) for East Oahu and Hawaii Kai.  News sources are available through various entities on the web.  Links are posted.

    For full text of Star-Advertiser articles, access the database at the Hawaii State Library site and enter your library card number and PIN. 

    SOURCE: Hawaii News Now


    Free help in preparing basic federal and state income tax returns is being offered again this year at the Aina Haina Public Library Meeting Room, with trained volunteers available to help those who cannot prepare their own tax returns, have low to moderate income, are disabled, have limited English skills, or are elderly.

    Duration: February 4 - April 16, 2016

    "Sources said Shiraishi is being transferred to HPD's patrol division in Hawaii Kai and East Honolulu on Feb. 28."

    SOURCE: Hawaii News Now




    # # #



  • Weekly Friday news summary (February 19, 2016) for East Oahu and Hawaii Kai.  News sources are available through various entities on the web.  Links are posted.

    For full text of Star-Advertiser articles, access the database at the Hawaii State Library site and enter your library card number and PIN. 


    Free help in preparing basic federal and state income tax returns is being offered again this year at the Aina Haina Public Library Meeting Room, with trained volunteers available to help those who cannot prepare their own tax returns, have low to moderate income, are disabled, have limited English skills, or are elderly.

    Duration: February 4 - April 16, 2016

    "Sources said Shiraishi is being transferred to HPD's patrol division in Hawaii Kai and East Honolulu on Feb. 28."

    SOURCE: Hawaii News Now




    # # #



  • Weekly Friday news summary (July 17, 2015) for East Oahu and Hawaii Kai.  News sources are available through various entities on the web.  Links are posted.

    For full text of Star-Advertiser articles, access the database at the Hawaii State Library site and enter your library card number and PIN. 

    Body found along kuliouou trail identified

    The Honolulu Medical Examiner's Office said Monday that the body found by Boy Scouts along the Kuli­ouou Ridge Trail [July 11] was that of a 35-year-old Mili­lani man.  He was identified as Daniel Koren.  Koren died from a gunshot wound to the head, and the manner of death was suicide, the Medical Examiner's Office said. Source: Star-Advertiser (HSPLS library card required)

    makapuu trail improvements; closure postponed until august

    Makapuu trail improvements, slated for late July 2015 have been postponed until late August.  When work is done there will be new lookouts and new asphalt. Source: Hawaii News Now

    maunalua bay sanctuary use meeting held july 14; status quo an option

    A town hall meeting was held on Tues., July 14, 7:00-8:30 .pm. at Hahaione Elementary cafeteria in response to questions on NOAA's potential plan to restrict the use of Maunalua Bay.  Hundreds of residents attended and the most vocal were opposed to more restrictions for the area.  NOAA reiterated that status quo remains an option, a point that Marina merchants are advocating. Source: Civil Beat

    saving ka iwi coast almost halfway to August goal

    The Save Ka Iwi Coast Coalition aims to raise $500,000 in private funding to cap off the $4 million required by Aug. 30 to purchase 182 acres above the seven-mile Ka Iwi coast.  as of Friday, July 17 the group is nearly halfway there with $242,897 raised.


    Donate and track current progress through this [Link

    feral chicken removal at hanauma; other city facilities

    From the Star-Advertiser, July 11, 2015:

    The city recently awarded an $80,000 contract to Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions to remove wild chickens at 70 city facilities.

    Formally called the Integrated Feral Chicken Management Program, the pilot project, expected to last four to six months, targets feral fowl at the Wai­kiki Shell, Hanauma Bay, Kai­aka Bay Beach Park in Hale­iwa, Kua­loa Regional Park, the Board of Water Supply Manana base yard in Pearl City, and the West Loch and Pali golf courses, among other sites.

    Sheri Kajiwara, director of the Department of Customer Services, said the program will be limited to city properties. Private property owners are on their own, she said.

    Source: Star-Advertiser (HSPLS library card required)


    affordable housing rental applications available for 7000 Hawaii kai drive

    From the project's website:

    There are 54 affordable rental units that will be available mid-2016:

    2 Bedroom (26 units) - $1,485/month
    3 Bedroom (28 units) - $2,293/month

    Applications are being accepted until August 31 and income restrictions apply.  See site for more information.



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